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The VieProcure Platform

We are building modern tools for stakeholders in the medical supply chain to ensure that medical products are always available and accessible.

  • Our data-driven logistics platform — encompassing shipping, warehousing, last-mile distribution, and inventory management — empowers healthcare facilities to better manage procurement, ensuring that they have the right type and quantities of medical supplies in stock to properly treat patients.

  • By connecting healthcare providers directly with manufacturers — and thereby removing brokers and middlemen from the value chain — we can generate average cost savings of 40 percent for our customers.

Health Care Providers

We build AI to anticipate shocks of all kinds, from supply shocks to climate events, to civil unrest, to ultimately deliver live-saving health products in challenging environments, just in time.

Autonomous supply

We collect data via our inventory management software and our online marketplace that are included in all our shipped products and through our automated solution, make sure that for each product, sufficient minimum quantities are always available at the hospital.

De-risking supply

Advanced pattern mining, pattern recognition and anomaly detection for early warning systems (outbreaks of disease, civil wars or climate events) and reasoning systems for adaptive autonomous real time decisions

Contingency plans

Our fully automated AI-powered procurement system adapts to highly contextual situations. This means that we use reasoning algorithms, not just pattern learning. AI that can reason about the unprecedented.

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Accessibility and affordability are still the biggest challenge to healthcare delivery in Africa, given broken supply chain, the financial constrains and poor stock management by private and public health care providers.

Even though only 17 % of the world’s population live in Africa, Africa shares 30% of the world’s disease burden. 67% of disease-related deaths can be attributed to preventable causes and the broken supply chain of medical supply in Africa.

More than 50% of Africans don‘t have access to decent medical supply in part because they live in places that are hard to serve with traditional methods.

By optimizing medical supply through our AI-powered Inventory Management and Procurement System for hospitals, VIEBEG will make healthcare affordable and accessible all over Africa and save millions of lives. We’re building a massive distribution system for medical products and equipment and we believe we will also do a lot of good.

Our clients love our products

Viebeg has an outstanding customer service and a wide range of products that are delivered almost instantly at very attractive prices.

King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda

We have been working with Viebeg for long time and are amazed by its efficient operations and the flexibility of its team.

Legacy Clinics, Rwanda

Viebeg’s online store enables us to order new products whenever we want, from any place at any time and thus enables us to focus more on our customers.

Jubilee Dental Clinic, Rwanda

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