Financing Solutions

Explore our tailored financing solutions designed to empower healthcare providers and elevate your procurement experience

Data-Driven Financing Excellence

Strategic Investments Informed by Data

Our Health Demand Simulation Model (HDSM) forecasts health demand in each region, providing valuable insights for healthcare providers to make strategic investments in their infrastructure. This ensures that your facility is equipped to meet the evolving needs of your community.

Profitability Projection and Credit Scoring

Unlock a new era of financial transparency. VIEBEG's model projects the profitability of each equipment and assesses the credit score of healthcare providers. This empowers financing partners to make informed lending decisions, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for sustainable healthcare growth.

Innovative Financing Options

Equipment Financing

Acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment without the upfront financial burden. VIEBEG Finance, along with our financing partners (international and local banks, investors, organizations etc.), offers flexible equipment financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Experience convenience and flexibility with our Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options. Access the equipment or consumables you need today and spread payments over time, ensuring seamless integration with your operational budget.

Access to Best Prices

Strategic Procurement

Benefit from best prices through the aggregation of demand from our extensive network of 1000+ healthcare providers. VIEBEG's strategic procurement approach ensures cost-effective solutions for hospitals and clinics.

Access to Innovative Financing

Our financing solutions extend beyond traditional models. Collaborate with VIEBEG Finance and our financing partners to leverage innovative financing options, ensuring that cost-effective medical equipment is within reach.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Healthcare Financing

At VIEBEG MEDICAL, we believe in a future where healthcare procurement is efficient, transparent, and accessible to all.

Partner with us and embark on a journey where data-driven excellence meets transformative healthcare financing.

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