Shortages and unaffordability of medical equipment and supplies are persistent causes of exclusionary and poor-quality care in low-income Africa, resulting in thousands of preventable deaths per year.

Accessibility and affordability are still the biggest challenge to healthcare delivery in Africa, given broken supply chain, the financial constrains and poor stock management by private and public health care providers.

Even though only 17 % of the world’s population live in Africa, Africa shares 30% of the world’s disease burden. 67% of disease-related deaths can be attributed to preventable causes and the broken supply chain of medical supply in Africa.

More than 50% of Africans don‘t have access to decent medical supply in part because they live in places that are hard to serve with traditional methods.

By optimizing medical supply through our AI-powered Inventory Management and Procurement System for hospitals, VIEBEG will make healthcare affordable and accessible all over Africa and save millions of lives. We’re building a massive distribution system for medical products and equipment and we believe we will also do a lot of good.