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Check out our AI-powered Inventory Management and Procurement System for hospitals that make medical supply affordable and accessible

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At VIEBEG, we focus on being a strong corporate citizen by giving back to the professions and communities we serve.

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Learn more about our team that wants to use AI predictions to serve people’s health needs; especially those who are currently without services.

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VIEBEG Technologies Inc. is a health tech company based in San Jose, Silicon Valley, that provides high-quality medical and dental care as well as equipment at the most competitive prices in Central and East Africa through an innovative procurement and inventory management software. Our AI-powered solution de-risks and optimizes medical supply by taking control of every aspect of the medical supply and demand network in hard to serve markets, allowing healthcare providers to procure automatically, transparently and efficiently via our marketplace.

viebeg care

As fellow AI enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, our co-founders noticed the shortage of quality in-time medical supply in Africa and its consequences, namely millions of casualties per year. Seeing the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence in solving this tragic problem, our company was born.

So far, we have been serving more than 230 hospitals and health centers with thousands of products in Rwanda, DR Congo and Burundi through our innovative, state-of-the-art procurement software that enables hospitals to stock only what is needed and use our AI-predictions that forecast when and how many products will be needed at any given time.

We build AI to anticipate shocks of all kinds, from supply shocks to climate events to civil unrest, to ultimately deliver live-saving health products in challenging environments, just in time.
About us

Africa has a huge medical supplies problem. Whoever solves this problem unlocks a massive untapped market giving access to half the continent's population who cannot currently access health care and basic equipment, much less cutting edge health solutions. Viebeg solves that problem and unlocks that market through innovative and proven technology and logistics.

We focus on markets where intelligent solutions are needed that help to supply regions that are sparsely populated, in crisis or suffer from an epidemic. Such circumstances make in time delivery hard or impossible, without our new solution. We chose Africa as a starting point, given its devastating crises that often lead to huge shortages of quality medical supply.

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Our solution de-risks and optimizes medical supply through AI predictions, Blockchain and automated procurement processes.
Our AI predicts supply shortages, epidemics and other shocks ahead of time, to prevent health crises.
Our Mission

By optimizing medical supply through our AI-powered Inventory Management and Procurement System for hospitals, VIEBEG will make healthcare affordable and accessible all over Africa and save millions of lives. We’re building a massive distribution system for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals and we believe we will also do a lot of good.

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Our Engineering Culture

At VIEBEG, our basic philosophy is a hybrid model based on Design Thinking and Agile Development. We borrow from agile in that we deliver working software fast, incrementally building features in an order of priority that we learn from the end users of our software.

We take from design thinking, or human-centric design that all end users are ultimately humans and that humans are fundamentally driven by eight motivations: Meaning, Accomplishment, Empowerment, Ownership, Social Influence, Scarcity, Unpredictability, Avoidance.

We build our user experience according to the principles of Octalysis.

We classify our users into user types, using some unsupervised learning techniques and we personalize their experience according to a personalized balancing of the eight core motivations.


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